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how many km are included in the rental?

100 km per day are included (e.g. 1 day 100 km, 2 days 200 km, 3 days 300 km, etc)
Excess km will be paid upon return, the price is €0.15 per km.

Is it possible to purchase extra km in advance?

Extra 100 km packages can be purchased at a cost of €10

Is it possible to collect the vehicle when the shop is closing?


do you do home delivery?


Is it possible to return the scooter when the shop is closing?

Yes, by paying a surcharge of €10

with what level of petrol should I return the vehicle?

The vehicle must be returned with the same level of petrol present at departure

Is it possible to book online?

yes, by booking online there is a 10% discount from the basic rate

What is your cancellation policy?

In case of cancellation made up to 30 days before the scheduled rental date, the entire amount will be refunded.

For cancellations received from the 30th to the 15th day before the rental date, 50% of the total amount will be refunded, from the 15th day no amount will be refunded

do you have rates for half a day rental?

our rates are 24 hours (e.g. 1 day 24h, 2 days 48h, 3 days 36, etc)

what is included in the rental?

RC insurance, two helmets and 100 km per day are included

do you ask for a security deposit?

yes, €150 for all vehicles excluding Tenere 700, Tracer 7, Tracer 9 GT for which a security deposit of €500 will be required

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